"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and hearty thanks for the professional and swift manner in which you have carried out my company’s requirements. We have also had a very positive response from new clients saying that the information video that you commissioned for us is very informative and gives our company a higher image than our competitors."
Ian Stupples  Managing Director  Southern Group UK Ltd


Retouching Services

Massmedia Photo has the benefit of working with a talented team of retouching artists, based in the former soviet state of Moldova.

The ten members of the team can handle large volumes of retouching work in short time-scales, to a very high standard.  The charges for their services are modest in comparison to the cost of retouching work carried out in the UK and can go as low as £1.00 per image for bulk orders.

Work is sent to them via the internet, and returned the same way, but this does not mean that high resolution images cannot be handled - we have high bandwidth connections between offices and upload/download times are very reasonable.  You can send your own un-edited images to us and we will retouch them for a fixed agreed price.

Service 1 - Basic cleanup - from £1.00 per image

Light and colour correction
Sharpness improvement

Service 2 - Background Removal from £2.00 p.i

As Service 1 plus:
Background Removal
(to white or any colour you specify)

Service 3 - Object Removal

As Service 1 plus:
Object removal and/or insertion
(e.g. swapping heads in group shot)

Service 4  - Portrait Enhancement

Remove face and skin defects
Body Shape Correction
Complexion Alteration
General tidy up and blur/sharpen

Service 5 - Photo Manipulation

Advanced photo montaging
Multiple images on one page
Illusions and special effects.

Service 6 - All of the above

All of the above plus extra time
spent on fine details like
re-drawing areas of images.

Normally work is supplied as JPEG files, but we can handle any format within reason.  Completed work will be returned as JPEG files unless other format is required - e.g. Photoshop.psd files.  Larger files are charged at a higher rate.