" I have been trading with Massmedia for several years.  Massmedia has not only worked directly for me but also undertaken projects for many of my clients who have always found the company and staff to be totally professional and extremely experienced in many areas. "
John Robson, Director, Preston Robson Ltd

Our Projects

Microlon UK - Infomercial

Retouching work by MassMedia PhotoThe client needed a short hands on demonstration of their new car and boat polish product, so a shoot was organised to do both videos at the same time.  The location was a busy boatyard, complete with plenty of extraneous noises, so several takes were needed of each scene.  The entire video was shot as a news item, with very little preparation and rehearsal, relying on the presnter's own skills to speak without a script.  The camera was entirely hand held, to deliberately give the video a spontaneous feel, which is appropriate for YouTube.

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Gemondo TV - Product Videos

Retouching work by MassMedia PhotoA major issue for Gemondo.com was the need to be able to demonstrate their products with video on their website. Massmedia set up a studio for them on their own premises, and installed the latest in digital video production equipment.  Combined with a bespoke presenter's desk, chromakey background and special low-heat studio lights, the whole cost was under £5,000.  With the studio set up, Gemondo have had over 800 videos made of their products, which are available to view on YouTube.  The videos were directed, filmed and edited by Massmedia to a very high standard at very low cost.  Typically, an individual video cost Gemondo £15.00 to make.

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PTSD Resolution - Interview

This interview was filmed to introduce a conference for a charity.  Filmed on location at the Houses of Parliament, in the open air, and with a very short time window to get the video before the subject had to leave.  Because time was so short, the interviewer asking questions was recorded after the subject had left.

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AVE - Multiview - Animation

Beefeater bbq machine photographed by Massmedia Photo This client makes CCTV equipment and needed a short presentation to show the new model's features.  The requirement was to make a presentation small enough to be sent directly by email to the cusomer's mailing list. Comprising of still images, animated text and a voice over, the presentation was well received by the customers.

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Sales Process - Animation

Gemondo Jewellery photographed by Massmedia photo This client already had a colour brochure.  The brief was to take the brochure and convert it into an animated presentation.  The brochure was scanned in, and then the images were animated and bullet point text added.

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